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Humbug to Happiness by David A. Gibbs

Humbug to Happiness is a book that offers an opportunity to start a journey of self-discovery. Find the real you hiding behind the distorting mirrors of humbug thinking. Once you do, you allow yourself to be set free, and to begin a new life filled with purpose, love, and happiness. Order a copy of our book entitled, “Humbug to Happiness” today.

Overcoming Insecurities

Negative thoughts convince us we’re never pretty, clever, strong, or talented enough. These are humbug thoughts—imaginary shackles you must break to discover the real you.

They come from many different sources that may originate from our parents, peers, and the society we liven in. Many come from deep within us. They are the humbug thoughts—persistent patterns of negative thinking that shackle and humiliate us. When you think you’re not smart, good, or worthy enough, it’s your humbug thoughts you’re hearing.

What Are Humbug Thoughts?

Humbug thoughts can be incredibly destructive since they can drag people into chemical dependency, depression, anxiety, and toxic relationships. We are better off without them. However, how do you silence lifelong patterns of thinking?

This is where the book Humbug to Happiness comes in. Author, David Gibbs, guides his readers on their journey of self - empowerment and enlightenment. Humbug to Happiness introduces readers to the concept of the humbug thoughts, and the damage their repetitive negativity does over time.

A Knowledgeable Counselor at Your Service

Licensed clinical counselor David A. Gibbs offers a personal development solution in Humbug to Happiness. David creatively uses familiar movies and nursery Rhymes from childhood, to help you understand your destructive thought patterns. More importantly, he uses his experience as a life coach, team builder and and motivational speaker to help his readers move past their destructive thought patterns to discover their true self-worth. Once you allow yourself to be free from humbug thoughts, you begin living the law of attraction of your true purpose every day of your life.

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